Buying Dilemma..

I love attending enquiries.. You can keep asking and I can keep replying. serious. regardless of u buying or not. but when u decides not to buy, maybe you can end the reply with a - "Thanks for the assistance, but I have decided not to take the item" and not leave in silent. Because I do not know if I should save it for u or not.
Those who want me to reserve, aren't u glad I have no time frame? I also do not mind that u decided not to take it. But if u do want to take it but need some time to recoup your money to buy, tell me.
Can always blast me a mail saying that " U have found a better item else where, or gone broke, or change of style etc.." or "Gimme 2 more weeks. I need to save another 2 more dollars"
Point is - Get me updater ler...
Because there are other people who may be in dire need to get the particular item to wear for functions, for gifts, to go dating or simply to satisfy their buying impulse..
They need an answer - I got no answer - Can u answer ?
Then, they get frust - I get no answer - can u answer?
It's like making call to a call centre to check on your almost overdue bill, but operator failed to give u details, and u get irritated and ur bill got cut-off.. -__- (hmm... getting more and more irrelevant)
Point is - ur feedback and status is always appreciated
see how it is like a chain?

Friday, December 25, 2009

Classic Wool

Yup, if you scroll down it is merely bloks of grey masses that you will be seeing.
That you can't be wrapping around your body, as it just wont cling on =D
It's a piece of fabric!

Fine zig-zaggy thread yarn.

The deeper shade is the facing of the fabric. The lighter is the back of fabric.

Strictly for those who knows what to do with a piece of fabric.
Some suggestion.
A short dress
A halter dress
A bodycon tube dress.
A bustier - it's enough to make 2 actually. Buy some black lace and add in accordingly!
Working pants for the M sized girls
Pleated skirts
Vest - can make 2! Add studs accordingly!
Long A line skirt
Long mermaid skirt

I made a lot of custom halter dresses with such material, which I am lazy to show :P
I actually wanted to make 3 corsets out of this =D
Maybe I will, but I have yet to have the time. Still in progress of making 2 batik corset! =P
So it's up for grab to those who enjoy the thrills of custom tailor clothing! Before I get my hands on it.

Wool materials are very structured fabric which people use it a lot to make into coats, blazer and those pant-suit sets. Wool are also lots more cooling when worn compared to synthetic cotton and polyester.

Material : Mixed Wool (thus requires lining for extra comfort)
Length x Width : 1.45meters x 60 inches width
Color : Grey base with motifs
Retails at RM38 a meter! BUT!
Reasonably yours for
  RM30 for 1.45m and with postage!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

A Silver Lining

under every cloudy moments :)
Would you like me to pass you my silver lining?

I do not have any proms to go. Is this a prom dress? Looked like one to me. Don't ask me why I buy if there is no occasion to wear. Seriously do not ask. -__-

Satin top with chiffon skirting and satin lining underneath. Good for the dainty ones. Apparently can fit a size slightly bigger than me. I am a size 12. BIG SIZE 12.

Material : Satin top with chiffon skirting
Size : 8 to bigger 12. Ask me for measurement.
Color : Grey all over. Comes with a black tube though.
Reasonably yours for
RM35 with postage

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Journey To Datin-hood

I am a female.
Female likes to gossip.
They also like to shop.
Female shop for items that can pretti-fy them.
Like make-ups.
Like clothings.
Like shoes.
Like bags.
Some can afford a whole wardrobe of shoes.
While some are easily contented just by collecting used wrapping papers. For reasons I can't tell.
There are also a fraction of females who have a collection of wish. Wishes. Wissshheeesssss maybe.
Waiting for the time the apple becomes ripe and the wishes not granted and more wishes are added into the list of wishes.
Like how I forever wish to be pretty and have bigger boobs. *looks at own chest*
Checked. Wish not granted yet. Oh well... another year maybe..

I got friends.
Stupid friends. Nice friends. Weird friends. Online friends.
Online friends are weird too. As they keep sending me links of nice stuff to buy online.
I don't know why. They must have think I am filthy rich.
Just because I asked them to address me Datin.
Datin Diva to be exact.

Yesterday a kaki send me a gazillion links again.

Kaki    : BUY THIS!!
Me      : What... (in heart - "Oh no.. not again.. don't think I can sleep early tonite")
Kaki    : BUY THIS!! NICE!!
Me      : Aiyah.... no money.. duit belum fotostat..
Kaki    : OK, then join THIS !! Maybe you will be lucky and get something! YADA YADA Yada yada yada yada

Teach Me How2shop please.. with style.
Cus I am a Datin. Datin Diva to be exact..

So that's how I got to know about the slightest chance to wish for something and if I am lucky enough, I may just get a wish granted. No. How2shop do not sell boobs apparently. But they have got every other things under their butterfly wings =P

Like this!
If I can't get the chestful to fill up a Victoria Secret's Push Up Bra - (Cup B), I might as well look for other options to indulge in the VS labels rite? =D

This is my depleting low-cost range of make-ups.
I am good in making out up! I just need a set of that VS Kit to show you how good I am!

I have a life.
A monochrome life.
Like what my alter ego suggest.
This is the only colored part of my life...

my office wall panel...

The rest of the time, call me Mono. Monochrome to be exact.

I am a black-styled person. Which is not good for a Diva. Datin Diva to be exact.
It lacks a sense of diva-esque and glam..
I need colours. But not my wall panels.
I need a dash of colours.
Like this perhaps....

And my journey to the Datin-hood will be complete. Half way.
To endure the journey to Datin-hood.. Obviously I need to smell like a bakung ayam, cauliflower walking Enchanted Garden.
But my sweat is not sweet. I think it's asam-ish..  -__-
And I think this can do the work.

So would you help to wish for me to have some luck so that my humble lil' wishes above can be granted? I don't think I asked for a lot. I am just a humble little monochromed Datin. Datin Diva to be exact..

Ooohh.... maybe I can make a small gesture here..
If I do get A VS Kit, I can help to make up YourShoppingKaki owner as a form of gratitude.
If I do get a Multi Color Tote, I can go on a shopping spree with the rest of the shopping kakis.
And If I do get the perfume, I can Flora-lised both How2Shop and YourShoppingKaki and we can go on a shopping spree.
With colorful make-up.
With RM30 in my multi color tote.
With enchanting flora smell.. coming from the arm pits =P

Darn...... I think I have typed so much that I have fallen asleep..


wish me luck...

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Not sure what and how and where you can use this too, but I guess is the best bet for clubbers with a lil bit of rock chick persona? Hate those who goes with nothing in hand and slip the IC or whatever in their padded bra.
The size is a bit too small for my usage. I have a wallet bigger than this and yes, I bring a big wallet with a monthful of purchase receipts, a phone, and another office mobile phone, a stack of name cards, a pocket of tissues, a pen, a mini perfume bottle, car keys and some other junks.

the studded facade - 2 front pocket and a zipper compartment

Snap hook with size adjuster to fit your waist, big or small


Material : Synthetic leather
Color : Solid black
Condition : No torn or so.
Will advise at the time of you having any interest to on it to see if there are any ants nesting in it =P

Reasonably yours for
RM20with postage

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


when i tried googling it.. think I saw more porn sites than then the educational "Let's learn about anatomy" post =P
And that's just how significant boobs is..


I Got, but not much..

today I felt like wanting the black boobs with sad red nipples =P
choose your boobs from ALICEWONDERS.COM

It's such a highly publicised part of the human anatomy due to it's alluring sillhoutte, the curves that it gives to the female population, and the many other functions that comes into reality.. which shall not be elaborated here... =P

the women anatomy

I didn't get much education about taking care of boobs..Being in an all girls' school didnt really did much good. Not too many were concern with starting a good foundation of boobs caring by wearing suitable bras :P  In fact many who blossomed early tried very much to conceal the 'mountains' that they carry with them by wearing no-support bras..  I was in-between.. Whatever mum throws to me, I wear =D

Growing up and interphasing into the working world means more interaction with humans, and more varieties of boobs to see!! Which made me realise boobs are such valuable assets!! And not having a set of  00 doesn't seem to make a complete female... that 2 humps really does make a lot of difference to what you wear!!!

I can't depend much on my au naturale since it doesnt give much an impact to the sillhoutte. Given the fact that I am 5 years pregnant with  some quadruplets named Johnnie Walker, Hoegarden, Heineken and Carlsberg, that small humps seldom gets much attention. It's over shadowed by the beer belly =P 

So I put all my hopes on mangkuks !!! The padded set of bowl!!  =P 

Despite my dissapointment with my size, I do love my boobs! And it's scary to think that I may have to bid farewell to it one day due to my ignorance in giving it some much needed attention. 

Breast cancer is not a pandemic - like AH1N1 which gives u indirect warning. I mean if your neighbour got the Influenza symptom, you can take measures to avoid it. Like not being in contact with the person, but can still help him buy food and leave it at the door and run away =P
Breast cancer comes with no honking alert. You never know if you are the one in 100 person who suffers from it. Apart from healthy eating, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and of course getting the right bra set for your assets, being able to take your shirt off and give your boobies an inspection too is vital.

Have you?

In case you are puzzled what is BSE.. it is..

Informations are everywhere. U only need to google or consult the nearest clinic. Have a read and maybe organise a session of BSE among your BFF ?  =D

And those 'door knob' information ( I dunno what they call it) that u see in my pictures above - is such useful piece of 'door knob reminder'! It comes with tips on how to perform your BSE (with pics!) and some very important tips to identify the weird behavioural acts that may occur to your precious assets.

And i got the useful infos when I purchased my Jane Birkin from !!!

from  =D

Most probably it is a lil bit too late to tell you about the campaign as it is coming to an end, but do check it out HERE to see if there is any teeny weeny chances to still win a pursehook which is awesome!!!!

nice or not!!!? =P

Anyway, yeah, why be shy when it comes to boobies issues? After all, I have what you have. And you have what I have.. All under that set of bra. Of different sizes and shapes. But regardless of shapes and size, I am sure you are proud to carry it around =D

Ain't you glad you GOT BOOBIES ..  =D

Monday, November 23, 2009


Yup, I am lazy, I am busy and I am merely procrastinating. My plans to do a lot of  some self design stuff is still going on, but at snail rate... my studs are still not here yet  =(   and now the lace trend is coming in soo fast!

not really too sure what am I trying to design here.. but that's the thing with design, u gotta keep drawing still something strikes u. Sometimes it is practical, most of the time it is just ridiculous..but many a times, cost comes into picture as I want to keep it below RM40 all in  =)
Anyway, so far.. this is what I have.. done but incomplete..

corset / bustier / tube .. whatever u call it which is cut but not sewn yet. I can't decide if I should stud it or embroider it it just leave it as it is. I love batik!!  If I stud the edges of the cup with copper based studs, not forgetting the seams too with studs, of course, can u imagine a boho rock chick ensemble? With skinnies and a biker jeans..  =)  and messy kate Moss hair of course to complement the look.. I don't know... What think u?
Just a small attempt, and also a small size corset =P  most probably it will take so much time for me to ponder and procrastinate till my breast sag and can no longer make a full cup in the corset, even with 3 Nubra worn together..
Then of course, day dreamer like me don't just have a single dream.. I also dream of making more of these in different materials that I have been buying and buying. Did I say to fit your size?  =) So your frustration of not getting your bust fitted in is cleared off your messy mind =P

Just wait... =P
Till I figure something out..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Idylic Post

and this is my new banner to my personal blog  =D

strictly for adults only.. not recommended when u had a great day as it may bring u back to being sober ..  -__-

and btw, the dress is for sales too   :)


I've got nothing to sell lately, cus I have not been spending much lately on clothes. I spent a portion on Panadols and cough syrups, and petrol....
Been working hard to make some ends meet  :P
Then I hate the fact of seeing my blog post not being updated for more than a week. I think not updating leaves a bad impression on people. As if I am not serious in selling. Seriously, I really AM NOT THAT SERIOUS in selling  =P  cus it's merely to clear the wardrobe. If I can't get it cleared, I will wear it =P  but of course, I also made a commitment to help others to sell their own stuffs and design (which u still have not seen) but will take some time.. =)
I am sure I have helped a lot of people out by selling less and posting more rambles rite? Cus U will be spending time reading (and clicking my nuffnang ads) and no time to buy on impulse  =P
See how I am providing cure to shopaholics and help in boosting your financial woes?   =P

Year end... and most are eagerly waiting to celebrate the New Year very soon.. and I got targets to achieve.. Yup, designers don't just draw and hope to be rich.. we gotta make cold calls and say nice things to make people buy the products...

the hand drawn thing that I do, literally. There are artist who does it of course :)

of course u can utilise the hand drawn batik for all things imaginable, not just on dresses and baju kurungs

btw, floral doesnt mean its only for the girls. the boys too like floral  =P
the sakura bloom to usher Gong Xi Fa Cai..

after 2 days of draw draw, wax, wax, color, color, wash wash... then I get what I want...
I love doing draping! I've got more drapes to show

Yeah, so that's the reason why I have not been updating....been trying to reach out to more people on the beauty of hand drawn material... Not nice meh?  :/

And I have also been busy taking care of a new property. Times are bad, need to make some adjustment and create wealth.. I got a farm u know?.. which I have been working hard on to reap some rewards.. hence I am not always available to post, cus I gotta take care of my farm =P

My farm in Farmville  =P

Friday, November 13, 2009


and am around..  :)
in any case if any of you wonder that I've made my first million  bucks by selling my preloved clothes.. NO, i am still your friendly next door miserable lady who spent her time at home stalking blogshops and not making quarter million bucks. Yet..
Been sick for some time and the constant fever helped in burning some fat here and there, but still not enough to elevate my size status from a size 12 to a size 8  :(  not even a size 10 ...


Boobs too gone flatter...

I'll be back. Soon enough..  :P

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Deep Vee Got To Go la...

I don't think I have made a discount post ever so far. Anyway, there's no need for one too rite? Cus most items are so reasonable and does not take the whole lump sum from your piggy bank.
There are times... like today that I cannot stand the sight of having items that is against my principles (wah... like  going into some political turmoil) -- I cannot stand misinterpretation of information when purchasing..and got myself something waaaaayyy different.. like this..but oh well.. it's only for reference, maybe I shouldn't complain..
Anyway.. not for fussy buyers (like me).. The baju is still new only that not in exact color and fall as the hot model staring outside the window.

The hot Taiwanese model with flat abs. Woot!!

The equally hot size 12 with bit of belly :P
Purchased this from a blogshop out of curiosity. I wanted to see if I can tailor this myself :) Got the answer, hence am putting this 'master copy' piece back to the market. At least now u know the actual colors of Taiwan pre-order clothes. Besides the color which varies slightly... a bit, it's all good. Never worn at all except for picture taking. Pair it with belt if you got beer belly like me... burp...... :P Yours for only

Size : definitely up to 14 or so. ask me
Matrial : Polyester cotton
RM25 with postage

Torso Challenge

And I am not up for it ... for those who have a short torso  / upper body and not pregnant with Heineken and Carlsberg for 5 years and still not giving birth

not ribbed, simply not enough fabric at the time of manufacturing, hence the opening
great for girls with pretty face and wants people to look at them from the front, and when they passes, they still want people to look at them from the back =P
I am not sarcastic leh!! that's what I have in mind initially when I got it =P
only that I don't have pretty face. nor arse..  =(

see why I never post this picture first before the other? scare u will vomit and not continue with the post =P
strictly for midget short torso people. Of course if u dare, u can always don it on despite having the torso the height of a ladder. and a set of six can of beer packs to show off.

NEW - cus it's NEVER WORN
PRELOVED - cus i kept it since a decade ago
(yah, it's a complicated relationship i have with my clothes)

Material  : Cotton Stretch
Color : Olive Green
Size : Small   ( yah, I grew.. ) ask me for exact measurement
Reasonably Yours for
RM12 with postage
-no, it's not a steal, from anywhere. It's merely a reasonable buy-

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am Moody

and felt like tearing my clothes apart and run around naked !!
if you are working, don't u feel sometimes feel it's oh-so-good to be still studying?
if u are studying, don't u think it's oh-so-good to drop out and be ... be.. sales assistant in F21 with lots of clothes to try on?
I just need some space to rant =P
Anyway, if u dare not run around naked, run around in a sarong then ...

would have look better with a clincher

tie, knot, twist and ur plunging V is created

good for basking under the sun

in situation like this, what is the best item to come into use if u are not wearing bikini?
tell me ..

it's the silicon nipple pads!! the above image is a testament that the nipple pad is sheer =P

twist, drape, tie, clinch .. hey ho!! u got a dress!!

can wear over the bikini for those who still dare not run around naked

and I still haven't got it figured where to throw this soft pack of silicone on, except on my head..

More of the sarong stories

Bye.. I had a bad day...  =(

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I got

The auntie on the 6th floor also got. How I know?
I found her bra dropped and hung on the bamboo tree when I reverse park my car  =P

Now she lost a set of her bra. I hope she realised. But that is better than losing a set of her own humps.

today I kinda feel like having that black boob with sad red nipple =P
pick your boobs from ALICEWONDERS.COM

Battling with cancer is bad. But when battling with cancerous cell that chose to sit in your breast and nibble on the last remainng of that humps is even more depressing, especially to us estrogen-charged ladies =( 

So the next time you admire how gorgeous is your silky face and neck, look further down from your decolletage and try check out your own humps. And just because you got a flatter boobies than the neighbourhood friendly auntie, it doesn't mean that you are safe from any risk of being attacked by the perverted cancerous cell who choose to sit in your boobs.

A campaign  just isn't about wearing a pink ribbon and yell out "We are aware breast got cancer!!" and stops there.. It's about making the first steps. Like inspecting your own boobs. Then pester your bestfriend to inspect her own boobs too. Caution : Do not attempt to inspect other people's boobs (tho he/she may be your best friend without permission). Cus by then u will be tagged a molester.

And to you guys, while ogling at other girls's boobs, do remember your nipples are set on top of some mounts of flesh too. They may not be called boobs and lactate, but doesn't mean that the perverted cancerous cell won't choose u as the next target.

With the vast info found on the worldwideweb, i am sure u don't need me to put in instructions and manual on how to check your own boobs. Google it!!! Or go to our neighbourhood friendly doctor and get her / him to check it out for you.

And do not let ALICEWONDER -ring forever if you have GOT BOOBIES. Tell her you GOT BOOBIES. A pretty hot one too.

While typing, writer gave a glance and checked out her own boobs too ! =P