Buying Dilemma..

I love attending enquiries.. You can keep asking and I can keep replying. serious. regardless of u buying or not. but when u decides not to buy, maybe you can end the reply with a - "Thanks for the assistance, but I have decided not to take the item" and not leave in silent. Because I do not know if I should save it for u or not.
Those who want me to reserve, aren't u glad I have no time frame? I also do not mind that u decided not to take it. But if u do want to take it but need some time to recoup your money to buy, tell me.
Can always blast me a mail saying that " U have found a better item else where, or gone broke, or change of style etc.." or "Gimme 2 more weeks. I need to save another 2 more dollars"
Point is - Get me updater ler...
Because there are other people who may be in dire need to get the particular item to wear for functions, for gifts, to go dating or simply to satisfy their buying impulse..
They need an answer - I got no answer - Can u answer ?
Then, they get frust - I get no answer - can u answer?
It's like making call to a call centre to check on your almost overdue bill, but operator failed to give u details, and u get irritated and ur bill got cut-off.. -__- (hmm... getting more and more irrelevant)
Point is - ur feedback and status is always appreciated
see how it is like a chain?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


when i tried googling it.. think I saw more porn sites than then the educational "Let's learn about anatomy" post =P
And that's just how significant boobs is..


I Got, but not much..

today I felt like wanting the black boobs with sad red nipples =P
choose your boobs from ALICEWONDERS.COM

It's such a highly publicised part of the human anatomy due to it's alluring sillhoutte, the curves that it gives to the female population, and the many other functions that comes into reality.. which shall not be elaborated here... =P

the women anatomy

I didn't get much education about taking care of boobs..Being in an all girls' school didnt really did much good. Not too many were concern with starting a good foundation of boobs caring by wearing suitable bras :P  In fact many who blossomed early tried very much to conceal the 'mountains' that they carry with them by wearing no-support bras..  I was in-between.. Whatever mum throws to me, I wear =D

Growing up and interphasing into the working world means more interaction with humans, and more varieties of boobs to see!! Which made me realise boobs are such valuable assets!! And not having a set of  00 doesn't seem to make a complete female... that 2 humps really does make a lot of difference to what you wear!!!

I can't depend much on my au naturale since it doesnt give much an impact to the sillhoutte. Given the fact that I am 5 years pregnant with  some quadruplets named Johnnie Walker, Hoegarden, Heineken and Carlsberg, that small humps seldom gets much attention. It's over shadowed by the beer belly =P 

So I put all my hopes on mangkuks !!! The padded set of bowl!!  =P 

Despite my dissapointment with my size, I do love my boobs! And it's scary to think that I may have to bid farewell to it one day due to my ignorance in giving it some much needed attention. 

Breast cancer is not a pandemic - like AH1N1 which gives u indirect warning. I mean if your neighbour got the Influenza symptom, you can take measures to avoid it. Like not being in contact with the person, but can still help him buy food and leave it at the door and run away =P
Breast cancer comes with no honking alert. You never know if you are the one in 100 person who suffers from it. Apart from healthy eating, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and of course getting the right bra set for your assets, being able to take your shirt off and give your boobies an inspection too is vital.

Have you?

In case you are puzzled what is BSE.. it is..

Informations are everywhere. U only need to google or consult the nearest clinic. Have a read and maybe organise a session of BSE among your BFF ?  =D

And those 'door knob' information ( I dunno what they call it) that u see in my pictures above - is such useful piece of 'door knob reminder'! It comes with tips on how to perform your BSE (with pics!) and some very important tips to identify the weird behavioural acts that may occur to your precious assets.

And i got the useful infos when I purchased my Jane Birkin from !!!

from  =D

Most probably it is a lil bit too late to tell you about the campaign as it is coming to an end, but do check it out HERE to see if there is any teeny weeny chances to still win a pursehook which is awesome!!!!

nice or not!!!? =P

Anyway, yeah, why be shy when it comes to boobies issues? After all, I have what you have. And you have what I have.. All under that set of bra. Of different sizes and shapes. But regardless of shapes and size, I am sure you are proud to carry it around =D

Ain't you glad you GOT BOOBIES ..  =D

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