Buying Dilemma..

I love attending enquiries.. You can keep asking and I can keep replying. serious. regardless of u buying or not. but when u decides not to buy, maybe you can end the reply with a - "Thanks for the assistance, but I have decided not to take the item" and not leave in silent. Because I do not know if I should save it for u or not.
Those who want me to reserve, aren't u glad I have no time frame? I also do not mind that u decided not to take it. But if u do want to take it but need some time to recoup your money to buy, tell me.
Can always blast me a mail saying that " U have found a better item else where, or gone broke, or change of style etc.." or "Gimme 2 more weeks. I need to save another 2 more dollars"
Point is - Get me updater ler...
Because there are other people who may be in dire need to get the particular item to wear for functions, for gifts, to go dating or simply to satisfy their buying impulse..
They need an answer - I got no answer - Can u answer ?
Then, they get frust - I get no answer - can u answer?
It's like making call to a call centre to check on your almost overdue bill, but operator failed to give u details, and u get irritated and ur bill got cut-off.. -__- (hmm... getting more and more irrelevant)
Point is - ur feedback and status is always appreciated
see how it is like a chain?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Journey To Datin-hood

I am a female.
Female likes to gossip.
They also like to shop.
Female shop for items that can pretti-fy them.
Like make-ups.
Like clothings.
Like shoes.
Like bags.
Some can afford a whole wardrobe of shoes.
While some are easily contented just by collecting used wrapping papers. For reasons I can't tell.
There are also a fraction of females who have a collection of wish. Wishes. Wissshheeesssss maybe.
Waiting for the time the apple becomes ripe and the wishes not granted and more wishes are added into the list of wishes.
Like how I forever wish to be pretty and have bigger boobs. *looks at own chest*
Checked. Wish not granted yet. Oh well... another year maybe..

I got friends.
Stupid friends. Nice friends. Weird friends. Online friends.
Online friends are weird too. As they keep sending me links of nice stuff to buy online.
I don't know why. They must have think I am filthy rich.
Just because I asked them to address me Datin.
Datin Diva to be exact.

Yesterday a kaki send me a gazillion links again.

Kaki    : BUY THIS!!
Me      : What... (in heart - "Oh no.. not again.. don't think I can sleep early tonite")
Kaki    : BUY THIS!! NICE!!
Me      : Aiyah.... no money.. duit belum fotostat..
Kaki    : OK, then join THIS !! Maybe you will be lucky and get something! YADA YADA Yada yada yada yada

Teach Me How2shop please.. with style.
Cus I am a Datin. Datin Diva to be exact..

So that's how I got to know about the slightest chance to wish for something and if I am lucky enough, I may just get a wish granted. No. How2shop do not sell boobs apparently. But they have got every other things under their butterfly wings =P

Like this!
If I can't get the chestful to fill up a Victoria Secret's Push Up Bra - (Cup B), I might as well look for other options to indulge in the VS labels rite? =D

This is my depleting low-cost range of make-ups.
I am good in making out up! I just need a set of that VS Kit to show you how good I am!

I have a life.
A monochrome life.
Like what my alter ego suggest.
This is the only colored part of my life...

my office wall panel...

The rest of the time, call me Mono. Monochrome to be exact.

I am a black-styled person. Which is not good for a Diva. Datin Diva to be exact.
It lacks a sense of diva-esque and glam..
I need colours. But not my wall panels.
I need a dash of colours.
Like this perhaps....

And my journey to the Datin-hood will be complete. Half way.
To endure the journey to Datin-hood.. Obviously I need to smell like a bakung ayam, cauliflower walking Enchanted Garden.
But my sweat is not sweet. I think it's asam-ish..  -__-
And I think this can do the work.

So would you help to wish for me to have some luck so that my humble lil' wishes above can be granted? I don't think I asked for a lot. I am just a humble little monochromed Datin. Datin Diva to be exact..

Ooohh.... maybe I can make a small gesture here..
If I do get A VS Kit, I can help to make up YourShoppingKaki owner as a form of gratitude.
If I do get a Multi Color Tote, I can go on a shopping spree with the rest of the shopping kakis.
And If I do get the perfume, I can Flora-lised both How2Shop and YourShoppingKaki and we can go on a shopping spree.
With colorful make-up.
With RM30 in my multi color tote.
With enchanting flora smell.. coming from the arm pits =P

Darn...... I think I have typed so much that I have fallen asleep..


wish me luck...

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