Buying Dilemma..

I love attending enquiries.. You can keep asking and I can keep replying. serious. regardless of u buying or not. but when u decides not to buy, maybe you can end the reply with a - "Thanks for the assistance, but I have decided not to take the item" and not leave in silent. Because I do not know if I should save it for u or not.
Those who want me to reserve, aren't u glad I have no time frame? I also do not mind that u decided not to take it. But if u do want to take it but need some time to recoup your money to buy, tell me.
Can always blast me a mail saying that " U have found a better item else where, or gone broke, or change of style etc.." or "Gimme 2 more weeks. I need to save another 2 more dollars"
Point is - Get me updater ler...
Because there are other people who may be in dire need to get the particular item to wear for functions, for gifts, to go dating or simply to satisfy their buying impulse..
They need an answer - I got no answer - Can u answer ?
Then, they get frust - I get no answer - can u answer?
It's like making call to a call centre to check on your almost overdue bill, but operator failed to give u details, and u get irritated and ur bill got cut-off.. -__- (hmm... getting more and more irrelevant)
Point is - ur feedback and status is always appreciated
see how it is like a chain?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let's Steal Some Grandma Sarong

and make it your hippest wear about town, beach maybe clinch an award as the HOTTEST SARONG PART GIRL?  =D
Yah, once upon a time when our grandma were once young, they wanted to look hip and sooo wanted to follow the Yoko Ono bohemian style.. bit bein Asian living in a peninsula where the latest fad only arrive 2- 3 years after it is muchly populated in the western country.. the grandma community tot.. "Hmm.. cannot be wor.. how long must we wait then? I want to be hip and hot too..HOw long must we wait before the boho look hit the shores? Like this hor.... let's do our own.." and so the journey begin.. they started drawing their own fabrics in attempt to create the boho look.. with the local influences of course..  =)
and so it was such a trend that hand drawn fabrics were so widely used.. to pair with kebaya and go dating, to wear to shower and look sultry hot- while shower, to even use it as a baby carrier, to wear it to sleep cus its so comfy - not to mention trendy!!  and some made it into table runners too =P
then as time passes... Kate Moss come into scene with those faded tunic, saddle leggings and stuff.. hence the once upon a time hip fabric fades are now only highly adored by the remaining grandmas who wear it to sleep or while doing house chores  =(
(fiction.. all fiction!!!  =P )

story cut short... these are  my collection of sarong in block printed batik. printed on the comfy pure cotton.

before u head over to any South East Asia country that requires u to wear more layers to cover your flab,/strike> modesty, get your own instead of borrowing-lah.. u never know who have farted in those re-cyclable sarong *____*

get a pareo buckle to accesorise. it creates fold and flow to the sarong.
twist and turn yourself a dress. normally modesty are not required when wearing pareos, unless you are in temples. hence do not attempt to do like me, while wearing a it bare!
psstt.. sometimes i wear it to work too!! to add a lil bbit of colors to the dull black =)

this is not sewn, simple knotted and folded securely. cincher to locate the waist as usual =)
when u go for that vacation with yout hot dates, can't be bringing a chiffon or satin dress that clings to you rite? the humidity tends to make u sticky and u may appear like a walking UHU stick with the satin dress sticking to ur body.. worse when stuck to your backside!!! uurghhh!!

close up.. hot!!! if u think ur date is a bore, time to show some slits and get some drools elsewhere!! just don't wear the grandma panties. like i do =P

the intricate dual shade details of the hand block prints
if u are short, fold the top before u make into a dress.. if u are tall u got the whole 2 yards to play with!!

more twist and turn into a dress. of course u can send it to the tailor and sew into skirt to match with kebaya top
the rich details which I like!!!
the rich details all hand made!!
wide selection of colors!!

these are not those fake baik sarong that u can buy at the neighbourhood friendly grocery selling at RM10. Those are just printed fabric on polyester materials. these are handpainted ones, hence u can use on both side and when u fold it anyhow u want, no worry that others can see a faded surface as both the surface are same in colour.. geddit? Mail me for selection of colors.. too many pictures to post... and when u are done wearing it, u can pass it to ur mom to make into anything!! personally I carry a piece when I go travelling, cus u can use it as a blanket too!! =)
I can sew the edges for you, shall you want.  =)
Mail me if u are confused but still am interested to see how it can benefit u
Meterage : 2 yards approx 1.7 meters
Free size
Material : Cotton poplin
Reasonably yours for
with postage!!

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