Buying Dilemma..

I love attending enquiries.. You can keep asking and I can keep replying. serious. regardless of u buying or not. but when u decides not to buy, maybe you can end the reply with a - "Thanks for the assistance, but I have decided not to take the item" and not leave in silent. Because I do not know if I should save it for u or not.
Those who want me to reserve, aren't u glad I have no time frame? I also do not mind that u decided not to take it. But if u do want to take it but need some time to recoup your money to buy, tell me.
Can always blast me a mail saying that " U have found a better item else where, or gone broke, or change of style etc.." or "Gimme 2 more weeks. I need to save another 2 more dollars"
Point is - Get me updater ler...
Because there are other people who may be in dire need to get the particular item to wear for functions, for gifts, to go dating or simply to satisfy their buying impulse..
They need an answer - I got no answer - Can u answer ?
Then, they get frust - I get no answer - can u answer?
It's like making call to a call centre to check on your almost overdue bill, but operator failed to give u details, and u get irritated and ur bill got cut-off.. -__- (hmm... getting more and more irrelevant)
Point is - ur feedback and status is always appreciated
see how it is like a chain?

Monday, September 21, 2009

That Walking Jalapeno?

I love pieces of cloth :) as in unstitched cloth.. because u can do a lot of things with it!!

wrap a dumpling... i mean as a dress!!! :P

make a bra ... i mean.. make a halter :P

the pareo style
Also bought this quite a while.. Sometimes I am over-ambitious.. I beg the salesperson to sell me this last piece on the mannequin..It is actually for those who have purchase above RM150 or so in the boutique that they will be elligible to AGAIN buy this (note : buy, not FREE) I can sooo envision myself in it... I told myself - one day I will bring the club down with my unashamed hotness with all this rare items i got. Unfortunately my actions are not as loud as my talk -___-
And till today.. at the time of posting... I am actually still not letting go :P !!!!!!
I am in the midst of attempting to sew many more of this :D actually it's not that hard.. I just need to get the relevant materials... I am trying to make a longer piece so that bigger sized girls can use it too... there are actually 10 different looks to be applied on this piece..but i got tired of doing it :P
Give me a holler if anyone is interested.. I may be able to make one of your choice :) at a reasonable rate of course... :)
Hey.. maybe we can even set up a club - The Wrapper Clubs' Mois ;P

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